The Impact of Pornography on Relationships


  1. Pornography adds a spark to an otherwise ‘stagnant’ marriage
  2. Pornography increases intimacy between the couple
  3. Pornography creates a deeper bond between a couple
  4. Pornography viewing is a secret activity and doesn’t impact negatively on anyone in any way
  5. Pornography offers great sex education for teens, better than parents can or are willing to do


  1. Pornography does nothing more than cause alienation and distrust between the couple.
  2. the impact on relationships is devastating and is the cause of over 70% of divorces today.
  3. Pornography encourages objectification and desensitization to often cruel, violent and vulgar sexual activity between the couple.
  4. Pornography impacts emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually on the person addicted to it and the family and friends around him/her.
  5. Learning about sex from pornography, teaches the viewer that women (mostly) are objects whose sole purpose is to gratify men. It teaches that abuse, vulgarity and violence go hand in hand with sexual activity.  It causes violence to the dignity of the human being caught up in the act on or off the screen.

There is a strong correlation between pornography and the high levels of Gender based violence and sex trafficking currently of great concern in South Africa today.