About us

Truth About Porn comprises three South African women who are passionate about educating, empowering and counselling all who are impacted by the scourge of pornography. Our ministry includes presentations, workshops and talks to schools, churches and women’s groups. Contact us for more information!

Marie-Anne Te Brake

As a trained counselling Coach, I’ve been involved in Sex Education in schools and religious communities for over 25 years.   I found myself gravitating towards the serious issue of pornography and the compulsive behaviour associated with it, amongst teens.  In my counselling I began to see partners traumatised by their sex/porn addicted partners and so my Counseling of the past 6 years has become specialised in Betrayal Trauma.   I am an APSATS U.S.A candidate (Association of Partners of Sex Addiction Trauma Specialists) and am also a long standing affiliate of the  ACRP (Association of Christian Religious Practitioners) CPSC Council for Pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors. I am also trained in Trauma Incident Reduction.  I facilitate groups for betrayed partners.  Contact me for more information.

Dr Ayabulela Mnyanda-Baloyi

MBChB (University of Limpopo)

I am a general practitioner in medical practice for 14 years. I have experience working in both public and private practice, currently in the private corporate sector for the past 8 years.
I have a passion for patient empowerment through patient education and counselling and in my work have identified an alarming rate of sexual dysfunction in young males. On further probing of patients and some personal research I’ve discovered this is as a result of compulsive consumption of high speed internet pornography. Most of my patients were completely unaware of the possible negative physical,mental and addictive effects of compulsive pornography consumption. I have seen the devastating effects of pornography consumption and I firmly believe that pornography should come with a health warning. I hope to play a role in medically educating individuals of all ages, and empower and allow them to make an informed decision about consuming pornography.


Kim Smit

I am a wife and a mother as well as a successful business owner and a recovering betrayed partner. I have been on a journey of healing from the trauma of betrayal and I am passionate about helping and educating the spouses and partners of sex and pornography addicts. It is my hope that in speaking out about my experience I can offer hope to those who feel they are trapped in a hopeless situation. There are so many broken people out there who feel hurt and alone and it is my heart’s desire for you to know that there is a community who understands and knows. Each story is unique but we can walk this journey beside you.
I have walked this road with my husband as we have each had to heal and ask for help, and in that healing we have found hope and a future. It is my earnest prayer that you will reach out and find support and a community so that you can see the light in the darkness