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Understanding and Addressing the Impact of Pornography in the Church
13 May 2024
19:30 - 21:00
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Lets Talk about Pornography

Sexual exploitation is fast growing in South Africa.  Women and children particularly but not exclusively, are subtly being sexually groomed through seemingly innocent means that are everyday activities in most homes – online games, social media platforms, chat apps, internet search providers etc.  A prevalent feeder into this exploitation is the unfettered and uncontrolled access to internet pornography. The ignorance around the social, psychological and physical harms of internet pornography use, is alarming

This resource website, was created to address the rise of internet pornography, to raise the public awareness about its actual content, and name it as a public health issue.  Pornography use has been cited as the route cause of many social problems, addictions and relationship issues.  This website is a 1-stop page where you can tap into a specific issue to find links to reputable up to date international resource and research websites.

Real sex is becoming less interesting to porn users

With more visitors to one porn  site in one year, than Netflix, twitter and Amazon combined where 5.8 billion hours of porn were watched that year, and where 97 billion US dollars was netted, and where research has indicated the dire socio psycho impact on viewers, one cannot help but be alarmed and concerned.  Research is showing that real sex is becoming less interesting to porn users and it appears that the trend is moving more towards fantasy than reality.

If we don’t take it upon ourselves to become educated and informed about this ‘cancer’ that is eroding away the essence of humanity, then as Dr Daniel Z Lieberman says “There’s no other way to say it: porn is decaying our society … will lead to the end of the human race”.

I believe, to quote Dr Gail Dines, “ just as we had anti-smoking campaigns, we need an anti-porn campaign that alerts people to the individual and cultural harms it creates.”

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