Counselling Services

My Ministry

By combining my training as (what used to be known as) a ‘lay counselor’ and my work with sexuality education in schools, as well as my work within the church (Theology of the Body), I assist clients to understand their self-worth through realising that their dignity is a God-given gift.

As more couples are unwittingly becoming victims to the explosive internet sexual content and pornography, Betrayal Trauma for the spouses/partners of Compulsive Internet porn users has become my focus of specialisation.

My training is through the world renown APSATS in USA and my goal is to guide individuals on a transformative journey towards healing and growth after experiencing betrayal.

My Process

I offer a safe and compassionate space where you can share your pain, process complex emotions and rebuild trust. Through evidence-based therapeutic approaches, personalized guidance, group sessions and unconditional support, you will be empowered to navigate the intricate layers of betrayal, fostering resilience and restoring inner peace. You will be equipped with tools and strategies needed to rebuild your lives, discover your self worth and forge healthy relationships. 

Complete the form and you’ll be invited to join an online group where you will receive support and compassion or contact Marie-Anne on +2778 534 0386 to make an appointment.